A CMS is an application that allows the administrator or administrators to create or content management web site, a task that requires availability and immediate response. Work as a team and be given roles as well as a web interface for synchronizing efforts.

The system can independently manage the content on the one hand and design on the other. It is possible to manage content anytime and provide different design to site and allows easy and controlled publishing the site to several publishers. A classic example is the publishers that carry the content to the system and the other side will be the main administrator will be published or not the contents.

A CMS (Content Management System) in English allows you to:

  • The maintenance of the website
  • Include new content
  • Edit and update existing
  • Permanently delete

Today Content Management System (CMS) can apply to:

  • Forums: A system that allows you and your users to create a forum for discussion and debate online where people gather to discuss a topic of common interest.
  • Blogs: They tend to be a space where people can post news or items that cannot be edited, but they have a space for comments and discussion.
  • Wikis: It is a documentation system that allows you to collaborate on articles and comment.
  • Portals: Sites that combine several features to create an online community. Basically, a forum and a blog together and sometimes space for items that are not news.